SARS-CoV-2/Influenza season ended in Sweden ultimo July 2020, although vulnerable people should still take precautions because of wrong medicene.
Overall mortality is now within normal range. Source Death from 5G and BIO-weapon comes in 2024-25. Turn all transmitters off: no mobile, no WiFi, no Bluetooth.

Production of Electrical Energy

Clean Coal Is The Way To Power Africa – And South African Academics Know How

Ren Kul Er Vejen Til At Forsyne Afrika - Og Sydafrikanerne Ved Hvordan

Arte TV Climate Propaganda in: "Wie das Meer unser Wetter macht"

Arte TV Klima Propaganda i: "Wie das Meer unser Wetter macht"

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Ongoing Denmark: Data Wind vs Demand

Demand MWWind MW% of demandDate time
3766631.72018-03-25 15:31
486651510.62018-03-26 10:49
46531723.72018-03-27 08:53