Grønland Ismasse 1900-2018

Grønland har mistet 0.4% af sin indlandsis over de sidste 100 år. Dette svarer til 0.004% per år, hvilket medfører at al isen vil være forsvundet om ca. 25.000 år; men inden da må vi antage at en ny istid spolerer chancen.
greenland ice mass last 100 yars

Temperaturen sidste 50år i Ljungby

Stats fra
Sunrise and Sunset is calculated from Ljungby Sweden @ Latitude +056.8322000 and longitude +013.9353997 local time.

Vejret de kommende dage i Ljungby

 * Explanation of the below image:
 * ------------------------------
 * Remote monitor of a Labjack U3/U9 run with u3Base software family.
 * The remote monitor(s) commuicate with the u3Base over TCP/IP via a simple
 * protocol. On fast networks, the u3Monitor can normally go to below 1sec
 * monitor loop.
 * The u3Monitor is written in Pascal/Lazarus and can therefore be compiled
 * to run on virtually any device.
 * The boolean expesseions in the u3Base based program, is in this case:
 * u3b->logicTableAdd( "EIO0", "CIO0 * SSW0 * !SSW1" ); //  Connect Mains to Grid
 * u3b->logicTableAdd( "EIO1", "!CIO0 + SSW1" );        //  Connect Mains to Diesel
 * Setup of time constants and other parameters for the relays:
 *  u3b->setRelayDelay("EIO0",  0, 3 ); //	Off time 0sec, On time 3sec
 *  u3b->setRelayDelay("EIO1",  0, 3 );
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