Den velkendte over 1km store asteroide 2002 AJ129 kommer forbi Jorden med 124.000km/t i en afstand af ti måneafstande eller 4,2*10^6km. Asteroiden 2002 AJ129 kommer nærmest Jorden den 4. februar 2018. Asteroiden har man fulgt de sidste 14år, så dens bane er yderst velkendt.
Februar 8. 2172 kommer asteroiden forbi i en afstand af 685.000km.

The well known over 1km large asteroid 2002 AJ129 passes Earth with 124,000km/h in a distance of ten moon distances or 4.2*10^6km. The asteroid 2002 AJ129 will be closest to Earth on 4th February 2018. The asteroid has been followed over the last 14years, thus it's track is well known.
February 8th 2172 the asteroid will pass at a distance of 685,000km.

In case of impact: 1.5*10^18 Jule or 48GW in a whole year. No chance of that though. But it could have replaced large number of power stations :-)
Sunrise and Sunset is calculated from Ljungby Sweden @ Latitude +056.8322000 and longitude +013.9353997 local time.

Vejret de kommende dage i Ljungby

 * Explanation of the below image:
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 * The remote monitor(s) commuicate with the u3Base over TCP/IP via a simple
 * protocol. On fast networks, the u3Monitor can normally go to below 1sec
 * monitor loop.
 * The u3Monitor is written in Pascal/Lazarus and can therefore be compiled
 * to run on virtually any device.
 * The boolean expesseions in the u3Base based program, is in this case:
 * u3b->logicTableAdd( "EIO0", "CIO0 * SSW0 * !SSW1" ); //  Connect Mains to Grid
 * u3b->logicTableAdd( "EIO1", "!CIO0 + SSW1" );        //  Connect Mains to Diesel
 * Setup of time constants and other parameters for the relays:
 *  u3b->setRelayDelay("EIO0",  0, 3 ); //	Off time 0sec, On time 3sec
 *  u3b->setRelayDelay("EIO1",  0, 3 );