Carl Friis-Hansen - Fun, Facts and Off Topics

Hi there!

I am another individual borne in Denmark last century.
The last twenty years I have lived abroad. Until now Scotland has been the country in which I have stayed the longest. Since that, The Netherlands was my favourite place for about five years. Now I have the fortune of residing in the south of Sweden on a tiny farm.

The picture is from Hesselø in Denmark where I pose together with our pet seal Igor. In the Danish language they are called seal dogs and their behaviour is not that far apart.

u3Base class for LabJack U3 (U9)

Have a look at here.
It is a high level C++ Interface to the Labjack hardware for the Linux OS.

English words to Hieroglyphics

The utility Hiero converts English words into Hieroglyphics.
It is Khaled Al-Sham'aa who laid the ground for this, so thank you Khaled. This is not scientifically staged and is more intended for creative fun.

Other links

Vinyl skivar Professionel kopi till CD och DVD eller fil på Internätt.

LabJack Class u3Base in C++ and method manual for the U3 on Linux.

Computing Confidence and how I can help you.

Thorium Power the LFTR/MSR way, cheap, reliable, naturally safe.

Fiskeryd Network and Support.

EDLAB A website from mid 1990. It is no longer maintained, and left untouched since end 1990.

Hosting And Bespoke Applications

Fiskeryd Networks is a hosting service with a difference. We want to be as helpful as possible to the small community of business and friends. Hosting at Fiskeryd Networks is personal, competent and the prices are relative low. Special server side programs can be developed to your specification. If you run a business you need a flexible and reliable host where you have personal contact to the hosing service provider. This is exactly what Fiskeryd Networks offers.
We can help you with web hosting, remote process control via the Internet, bespoke applications both hardware and software, Linux PC computer controlled process or teaching you the fine art of programming.

Where to find me?

Map from E4 over Ljungby to Nybygget. Click for lager image (1MByte)

From Ljungby drive 1 mil (11km) of road 124 towards Liatorp and turn left towards Stensjöholm. It is the red farm house at the corner.

In case this makes no sense to you, consider waiting for the fly on your screen, to walk to the right point on the map.